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Choosing Smart Plans In Sleepwear

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Two other officers went to the home earlier that night but left after Anderson agreed to eat something and go to bed. At a news conference Monday on the steps of Cleveland City Hall, Andersons mother, Cassandra Johnson, said she will continue her advocacy on behalf of the mentally ill. She also said Aldridge and Myers should be sent to prison. Johnson and her attorneys are frustrated that nothing has resulted thus far from an investigation being reviewed by the Ohio Attorney Generals Office. The officers remain on restricted duty. The police are supposed to serve and protect, Johnson said. Thats not going on these days. I tell you who theyre serving and protecting themselves. Its not the public. A spokesman for Cleveland declined to comment about the Tanisha Anderson settlement. Treatment of the mentally ill by Cleveland police is one of the key provisions in a reform-minded agreement between the city and the U.S.

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