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A Few Guidelines On Efficient Programs In Stores Online

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I hate how different shops clothes sizes can vary so much

"They choose brands that are representative of socially responsible companies," Facca-Miess said. Patagonia, for example, saw double digit sales growth  in the early 2010s. The company prides itself on its corporate responsibility, something it factors into its advertising. "Anybody on the younger end of Generation X, and certainly Generation Y and Millenials, are looking to connect more effectively with the brands they're purchasing," Facca-Miess said. Additionally, shopping is no longer the social experience that it once was, she said. Younger shoppers instead go the store specifically to meet their needs, she said. "Hence the decline of the mall atmosphere." While middle-class income has largely recovered from the Great Recession,  the sustained period of economic uncertainty likely encouraged consumers to shop more frugally. "Over the years I've noticed my students are more thrifty," Facca-Miess said. "They're asking, 'Do I need this stuff? Do I really need 85 pairs of shoes?'" Many of Ascena's stores are specialty shops. Lane Bryant, for example, caters to plus-size women and Justice is geared toward so-called tween girls, who range from 10 to 13 years old.

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